SIAL Shenzhen

SIAL Shenzhen is co-arranged by COMEXPOSIUM (the world's fourth largest exhibition organizing group) and Exposium-Sial Exhibition Co., Ltd. Thanks to the resource accumulated from SIAL Network (the world's largest food and beverage exhibition brand) and SIAL Shanghai, SIAL Shenzhen will provide fresh business opportunity for food and beverage enterprises from the four corners of the globe based on its vision by adding another successful story to SIAL in China Brand.

Backed by 24 years of experience in China F&B industry, SIAL in China will conduct brand promotion together with exhibitors prior to the show, while provide mountains of face2face trading opportunity, output industry trends and share experience during the show. At the conclusion stage, 360-day online self-match making service will be available for the next 12 whole months. SIAL Shenzhen will thus take full advantage of providing a trade platform for exhibitors and buyers to deliver its best sales performance in the fourth quarter of the year.

SIAL Shenzhen will adhere to its six characteristics of ‘Quality, Refined service, Cutting edge, Special features, Innovation and Technology-driven’ to create a global trading platform for F&B companies to showcase leading and hidden gem products. Thus they can find the best matches with selected buyers in the domain of supermarkets, convenience stores, restaurants, catering businesses, prepared-dish handlers, e-commerce, hotels, tea & coffee shop in the Guangdong - Hong Kong - Macao Greater Bay Area, to inject energy into F&B industry.

SIAL Shenzhen is set to become the 1st choice in trade platforms for enterprises who wish to access the Greater Bay Area and link with global market.

Show 2023

SIAL China South

SIAL Shenzhen will take place at the Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center(SZCEC) during 28th-30th August 2023. With an exhibition area of 45,000 square meters, and it is anticipated that over 1,200+exhibitors and 10+ international pavillion will showcase, as well as 50,000 professionals from around the world. Five major industry summits and exciting events will be held in parallel with the trade show.

The exhibition will cover 21 categories of food and beverage products, including Semi-finished food products and ingredients; Dairy products, eggs; Fresh meat and offal; Fresh poultry and rabbit meat; Fresh and semi-preserved fish, mollusc and shellfish; Fresh fruits and vegetables, dried fruits; Horticulture; Confectionery, biscuits and pastry; Cured and salted meat; Delicatessen, home meal replacement; Preserved and canned foods; Pet foods; Frozen, products;  Organic products; Health food and diet products, baby food; Grocery products; Non-alcoholic beverages; Equipment, technologies and contract processing; Services.

The new symbolic event, SIAL global food industry summit will be held this year. Meanwhile crown event SIAL Innovation will also be preserved.

Leading Buyers